Chinese poem illustration:绝句其三 Two yellow oriole…

One of the few poems for pre-school kids in China , taught again in grade 9th, high-school.

The poem was a easy poem for kids, a best example of the Tang poem to teach the students of classic poem writing techniques , a pleasant poem to recite , think over and taste in old age.

This poem is the 3rd poem written in a row by Du Fu, depicts the wonderful place of ChengDu city, specifically the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu (杜甫草堂) and Flower Washing Creek(浣花溪). This place is a famous public park now, with well built neighborhood.

With comparison of other poems written in Chengdu and history background, use the Chinese methodology of 知人论世, this further poems was further explored beyond its lively and beautiful scenic view.Other poem video to reference are 绝句二首,春夜喜雨, 茅屋为秋风所破歌,江上逢李龟年.




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