Chinese poem illustration:鹅鹅鹅/ Chant of Goose by Luo Binwang

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First poem for a Chinese kid when he/her starts to talk , a very suitable poem for Mandarin beginners as well.

The genius poet wrote this poem at the age of seven, depicted the gooses childishly and vividly. You hear the sounds, you see the colors, you see the action and you feel the elegance only belonged to goose, a very popular livestock in the neighborhood.

This poem belongs to the category of Chant of Things(咏物诗). It depicts a creature, a plant, an object to express poet’s feeling and thought(咏物言志). Some typical objects is horse, cicada, turtle, willow, flower, bamboo, lime, rock etc.

For this poem, the object is goose, and what feeling or thoughts do you think the poet expressed?



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