Chinese poem illustration: 浪淘沙令 帘外雨潺潺/ Langtaosha – Endless Raindrops Out of Curtain by Li Yu

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 帘外雨潺潺

Ascending the throne by accident, kingdom lost by fate, captured and held by his enemy, poisoned and killed by the Song emperor after 3 years of locking up. Li Yu 李煜 is the so called Ci Emperor(千古词帝). Ci (词) is one type of poem/song written according predefined music and sentence pattern, which starts at Tang dynasty.

Not the first , neither the only king with similar experiences in the long Chinese history, but he is the only one who wrote it down as lasting and touching poetry.His poem , or Ci is of very simple words and simple life , but with the most profound feelings and thoughts, which makes his simple wording eternal to Chinese , as idiom , as some classic literature images with the deepest and subtle feelings.




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