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Chinese poem illustration:绝句二首

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 绝句二首

Two poems look like as one poem, this is due to the pattern it was written accordingly.

The two poems looks like a very ordinary scenic view depicting poems , which was written at the same time, same place and same feelings, no wonder it is so easier taken as one.Anyhow, imbedding feeling in the scenic view depicting , express feeling through view depicting( 寓情于景, 写景抒情) is fundamental among classic poems, and how do you know the feelings?

Using the tradition of 知人论世 : when reading classic poems, knowing the poet and knowing the time being as the starting point, would give you the answer. This video shows an example how to use this technique to analysis classic poems, especially with the comparison of other videos on Du Fu’s poems like 丽人行, 春望, 春夜喜雨, 茅屋为秋风所破歌, 江南逢李龟年.

Today, this poem was mostly know by its unique wording 江碧鸟逾白,山青花欲燃.




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