Chinese poem illustration: 丽人行/ Song of Beauties by Du Fu

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This poem depicts most luxurious picnic in the famous garden Qujiang(曲江) at south suburb of Chang’an in lunar calendar of March 3rd(三月三), which is a traditional festival for outing(踏青). It vividly shows us the beauties, her costume and makeup, the food and atmosphere of the party, especially the premier minister and his sisters, which left us a very rare and valuable historical facts and daily life records not seen in the history studies.

Through the very detailed description, a prosperous and luxurious Tang’s life was revealed, the sign of peak hour could be smelled out as well . Du Fu ‘s precise and vivid narrative turned to be a blame to the most political powerful Yang family. The poet even could not keep his neutral observation finally, he condemned the Yang family in his last sentence directly , which sounds very unusual.

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Had the time , place and beauties briefly introduced, in Part 2, Du Fu continued his snapshot on the beauties , the makeup ,costume etc. Gradually, Du Fu get to the key figures, which is the royal conferred Madam , Mrs. Guoguo (虢国夫人)and Mrs. Qinguo(秦国夫人), the real beauties.

I believe Du Fu was at the site and he saw all these with his own eyes, and he could not help out his fury toward the Yang family, as he felt that the Tang empire was in the worst hands now.

Du Fu was so called 诗史, The Poem of History, this poem definitely is one.





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