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Chinese poem illustration/采菊东篱下or 饮酒 其五/陶渊明/ Song of a hermit

Chinese poem illustration: 采菊东篱下 or 饮酒 其五/ Picking Chrysanthemum Flower under East Fence or Drinking The Fifth by Tao Yuanming YouTube not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 饮酒 其五 or 采菊东篱下Read More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 琵琶行 part1-3/白居易 Encounter Pipa lute in exile

Chinese poem illustration: 琵琶行 Song of Pipa by Bai Juyi Part 1: The background and the prelude of this poem. Part 2: The first and second paragraph of the poem. Part3: TheRead More…