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“邶风 旄丘”新探

摘要:以诗情释读入手发现疑点,考查先秦文献和现代考古发现,确定诗中“流离”即琉璃,推断“琐”,“尾”极大可能是西周墓葬中的有孔琉璃珠和琉璃管。探讨了旄丘特立于诗经的修辞手法。 Abstract:By exploreing the irrational writing generally interpreted today in the 4th paragraph ,with digging into classic literature and today’s archaeology finding out, Liuli(流离) is confirmed as coloured glaze which was theRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/邶风 旄丘/佚名 Morality and code damaged – 礼崩乐坏

Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 旄丘/ Bei Wind – Mao Hill by Anonymous Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 邶风 旄丘 Most countries today are by law and bureaucracy, whileRead More…