Chinese poem illustration: 邶风 匏有苦叶/Bei Wind – Gourd Leaves Bittered

邶风 匏有苦叶

Full video also available at Bilibili: 邶风 匏有苦叶

Crossing the river or not, a long-lasting and eternal metaphor of determination and success is well annotated by this poem, a Chinese example and saying of Rubicon river.

This poem depicted a moment when the troop stopped by Ji river(济水), a troop heading south to make a propose to a girl’s family, asking their consent to the marriage(This is a long and complex process, in short, 礼记:是以昏礼纳采、问名、纳吉、纳徵、请期,皆主人筵几于庙). A typical inter-state marriage only happened between state lord families or aristocrat families, this is a key background to this poem. An interesting story recorded by Zuozhuan(左传) is illutrated in the video as well: at the front line, a general expressed his determination and dedication to his headquarter by just reciting this poem without any other comments.

邶风 匏有苦叶





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