Chinese poem illustration: 陈风 宛丘/ Chen Wind – Hill of Wan by Anonymous

陈风 宛丘

Full video also available at Bilibili: 陈风 宛丘

Poem illustration starts at 7:40 after a briefing to Chen Wind(陈风) and Chen State(陈国). The Hill of Wan(宛丘) is a historical site proved by modern archaeology, a historical site even in the time of Zhou dynasty. It might be the tomb of the first Chinese king Fuxi(伏羲) per the history literature many centuries after Zhou dynasty. By Chen Wind, we can not tell if the Fuxi tomb story is true or not, but for sure it is a well know place in that time.

Based on the commentary by Prince of Wu(吴王子季札), Chen Wind is of no lord(国无主,其能久乎), thus a new interpretation is developed. The key words of 汤, 宛, 坎 are further analysed. Word of 坎 means a special ritual of sacrifice by dig a hole into ground, filling it with sacrifice. This ritual is for the divines of Yin(阴), like moon, the earth and the dead referred in this poem.

洵 could refer to River of Guo(涡河) which was called as 洵 in ancient time. This river is from overflow of Yellow River. In this poem, meaninng of 洵 could be a implication of his emotion and feeling overflows.

陈风 宛丘




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