Briefing of Chinese poetry history from the very beginning till Tang and Song dynasty, how the styles involved to the utmost form and glory : Tang poetry/唐诗 and Song poetry/宋词.

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 中国诗歌简介/ ABC of Chinese classic poetry

Chinese classic poetry started with 4 characters in a sentence, like the Chinese idiom, to 5 , 7 characters in a sentences. The rules of the tone of each characters started from none to a very precise defined patterns, not only defines the up and down of the sounding-tones, in Chinese, 平仄. For each character in a sentences, but also the ending vowel sound of the ending characters of each sentences, in Chinese, 押韵.

Conclusion: The format of Chinese classic poem is unique, can only be fully appreciated by reading out loud, gradually understood with your life experience and knowledge expanded.

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