Chinese poem illustration: 游子吟/ Chant of a Wandering Son by Meng Jiao


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 游子吟

The ABC classic poem for a Chinese kid. It vividly expressed the core value of Xiao(孝), in English, filial piety. It compare the relation between mother and son to that of Sun and grass.



Correction: Meng Jiao’s mother dead when he is 60. In the video, it is wrongly marked as 54. It is code of conduct for Tang officials to Mourning for 3 years after parent death. During the time, he should quit position, go back home/hometown. Even with 3 years mourning fact, it does not change the facts that Meng Jiao follows his mother’s will, rather than his own in his lifetime.

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