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Chinese poem illustration 独坐敬亭山/ Sitting Alone at Jingting Mount by Li Bai


Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 独坐敬亭山

A poem written in the last few years of Li Bai’s life. The loneliness is even reinforced when we know this mount and small town 5 miles away is the where Xie Tiao(谢朓) lived, the only ex-poet that Li Bai admired.

Li Bai had been to this small town Xuancheng(宣城) times, wrote many famous poems here. This poem is very likely written in his last visiting. Another poem written in this town: 宣州谢眺楼饯别校书叔云(https://youtu.be/8xukn05oxZk)



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