Chinese poem illustration: 邶风/绿衣 Bei Wind/Green Suits by Anonymous

邶风 绿衣

Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 邶风 绿衣

Poetry for the Passed Away(悼亡诗) starts from this poem, it also employed the typical writing of Seeing the Remnant thus Reminding of the Passed Away(睹物思人). This type of poem does not count many in the classic Chinese poetry, but it contributed some of the best breed poems which was so popular and so familiar to average Chinese, for example 离思 by 元稹, 十年生死两茫茫 by 苏轼.

Most of us would encounter similar situation as the poem described, it hurts so much at the time while letting it out, letting your feeling expressed could be the very few way of relief. This poem came from such a situation.

This video and poem is also my personal memorial to my father who passed away in November 27th, 2019.

邶风 绿衣





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