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Chinese poem illustration: 元日述怀/ Review and Wish in New Year’s Day by Lu Zhaolin


Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 元日述怀

Lu is one of the Four Maestro of Early Tang. Through this Expressing Feeling Poetry(抒怀诗), we can feel the very typical spirits of early Tang period.

No further bureaucratic positions in his middle age, decided to be a hermit. In any sense at the time, the outlook, his future was doomed. While in the whole poem, it shows an atmosphere extremely positive and optimsm: the flowers of Great Tang dance in the spring(花舞大唐春), people drink and sing for the new year. That is the spirit of Tang I guess, that is kind of spirit never seen after Tang dynasty.

I wish you all a happy rat year, embracing the spirit of Tang people, have a bright and prosperous new year!




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