Chinese poem illustration: 初发扬子寄元大校书/ Writing to Mr. Yuan After Weighing Anchor from Yangtze by Wei Yingwu


YouTube not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 初发扬子寄元大校书

A farewell poem(赠别诗) wrote just after the poet departed. It sounds a little bit sadness with peaceful scenic view along the water way. With a second recite, the profound sadness shows up a little bit by a little bit. On a homeward bound boat, normally it is of happiness and joy. Yet, the famous second pair sentence looks a bit strange , the poet was not enjoying the journey at all , he just look back to the trees on Yangtze pier until he could not see it, he just listen to the sound of temple bell until it fading away. The scenic and peaceful view turned to be bitterness and sadness of farewell.

By digging to the poet and history background, I would consider the mysterious Mr. Yuan has a great possibility to be poet’s brother-in-law. The intimacy and love between them, plus the uncertainty life in war time, both of them might take this parting as forever. The background, the talented writing all make this one touching so much.




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