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Chinese poem illustration: 雨霖铃·寒蝉凄切 Cicada Cold Sing by Liu Yong


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 雨霖铃 寒蝉凄切

One of the two pillar poets of Song Ci( 宋词), his poems are featured of sentimental love, could be the first classic poet renowned by love poems.

Since Song dynasty, the classic poetry spirit was undergoing a fundamental change, the spirit of poetry or the core value of poetry changed to personal feelings ,like today’s poem: personal, emotional and perceptual. The content is always about average people, daily life. Taking the Song poetry , especially Song Ci(宋词) as modern poetry is not a big leap forward.

In the contrary , the poetry before Song dynasty is always associated with the fate of the emperor, the country and the people, something closely connected with public interests. No matter what the topic, the content that poem was about, the underlying background and theme is always the country , the people.

All in all, Song Ci is much more close to today’s situation, the content and feelings are easy understood, almost identical to modern poetry, adored by lots of people today.




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