Chinese poem illustration: 和贾舍人早朝大明宫之作 Reply to Officer Jia’s Poem of Morning Assembly In Daming Palace by Wang Wei


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Daming Palace(大明宫) is the most key palace for Tang empire: the most magnificent, the most used royal palace through the Tang dynasty. 4.5 times the size of the Forbidden City in Beijing, you can still feel the glory in the relic park today in Xi’an. It is the routine that holding a meeting in Daming Palace every morning to discuss state affairs between the emperor and the officers. This poem described the whole process of it: before the meeting, in the meeting and after the meeting with painter’s eyes of Wang Wei.

In general speaking this poem is a so so poem that praising and charming to the emperor and empire was never highly valued in chinese literary tradition. Yet this poem was treated as very important in the classical poetry. Reason one: It led the trend of Qi Lv(七律, a key poetry type formed in Tang dynasty) with several other poems of same title by different poets. Reason two: the sentences were taken as the best wording of a lively and powerful Tang empire, from Tang dynasty till today: 九天阊阖开宫殿,万国衣冠拜冕旒.




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