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Chinese poem illustration: 和梦得夏至忆苏州呈卢宾客/ Reply to Mengde’s Poem Titled as a Recall to Suzhou for Mr. Lu in Summer Solstice Day by Bai Juyi

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 和梦得夏至忆苏州呈卢宾客

Happy Summer Solstice Day! This poem belongs to the type of Corresponding Poem(应和诗), which is the reply poem to a poem previously written by other person. Corresponding Poems consist of a big portion of Tang poems, it is the messages between people, it is the songs to each other which reflected many details of normal life or political life.

No surprise this poem is not so famous even it was by Bai Juyi. Anyhow, we can know a bit summer solstice day in Tang dynasty, the dinner, the food in Suzhou city, which is recalled many times in Bai Juyi ‘s late life. Life philosophy of Bai is reflected as well: Stay alone when the world became hopeless(穷则独善其身).




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