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Chinese poem illustration: 定风波·南海归赠王定国侍人寓娘 Reunion with best friend after life and death

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A poem wrote to his concubine rather than best friend himself. It does not not matter, the life and death had made the two as one , their faithful love envied by people.

The poem write the reunion party in simple, straightforward and very delighted mood with a bit jealousness. The survived couple looks even beautiful and happy, the poet was so touched by the answer of the brave and faithful girl 此心安处是吾乡, feeling luckiness, happiness thankfulness , being great open-minded, all these are shared among the three person.

吾乡, my home town is a key word here. A person only has one hometown as his final destination( in ancient China, no matter where the person dies, his carcass should be returned and buried in his hometown), for an educated person, he should or must have a life-long pursuit , or a ultimate spiritual destination. So when ever hometown was mentioned in classic literature , it always has double referring to both his carcass and spiritual destination. We had some poems use another word 归, homeward bound, is of the same double referring.

With the double referring by hometown, though a bit negative, to stay calm and peace no matter what the situation was, especially in a situation of chaos, a time of change , life and death is uncertain, stay cool as far as you still alive.




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