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Chinese poem illustration: 别董大二首 What is friendship mean and what is departure mean in the best time of Tang dynasty.

Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 别董大二首

2 poems written for the reunion and forthcoming departure. Departing poems is a big category in the classic Chinese poetry, not to say among the Tang poems.In the ancient time, departure is treated equally as death, which is 生离死别, which means after the departure, the two very likely would never see each other no matter by the cause of death or distance. It is almost impossible for today’s people to feel the sadness or sorrow as those classic poems depicted, even we still recognize and value departure and friendship so much.

This poem is one of the rare poems distinguished among many departure poems, with the strong spirit, extremely positive mind and long-sightedness expressed in a sad and low situation.莫愁前路无知己,天下谁人不识君? The best farewell words…




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