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Chinese poem illustration: 敕勒歌 Song of Tiele by Anonymous

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Perhaps the earliest song translated into Chinese more than 1500 years ago, from the tribe of Tiele(敕勒, Pinyin:Chile) , a group of nomad people original from Baikal lake , gradually settled down at south foot of Yin Mountain(阴山). The famous Song of MuLan is also of the same period at northern China.

This folk song of Tiele people is about the grassland they lived , the valley of ChiLe Valley(敕勒川), a beautiful, rich and prosperous grassland.

This song is significant for every Chinese in three way ways, it built the ultimate image of grassland for Chinese till today: The wind blow down the high grass, thus the sheeps and bulls show up(风吹草低现牛羊), It also reflects the moment that the ancient Chinese, the farmers ,integrated with the nomad people not in blood , but in every aspects, and form the modern Chinese, as one ethnic group.The 3rd, it is one of the cornerstones of the great Tang poetry.




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