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Chinese poem illustration: 上邪 Father Above by Anonymous

Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 上邪

Father Above(上邪) is a Song used as an oath. Normally it is believed to be an oath for love or marriage by a female. It was collected by the official Musical Department of Han dynasty, thus we could have this oath words till today.

There is a saying this oath is between males for friendship, brotherhood, and I do believe this is the real case.

An analysis on the above saying is based on dialect of Shaanxi(秦腔), which could be the direct descendant of the official language of Han dynasty. Pointing to the sky and speak out the oath (指天发誓) is very typical in chinese tradition, and Father Above(上邪) is the first word and the party to make the oath.

With some other evidences as well , I do firmly believe this song is for brotherhood, not for love between male and female, which almost every Chinese take it for granted today.

Either way, can you feel the spirits and masculinity ?




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