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Chinese poem illustration/ 南园十三首 其五/李贺 Drop down pens for sword

Hits: 31Chinese poem illustration: 南园十三首·其五 13 Songs of South Field . Fifth by Li He Full video also available at Bilibili: 南园十三首 其五 One of the leading poet in mid-Tang period, withRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 左迁至蓝关示侄孙湘/韩愈 Testament to grandchild

Hits: 22Chinese poem illustration: 左迁至蓝关示侄孙湘 Abandoned to Chaozhou and Words to Grand Nephew Sun Xiang by Han Yu Full video also available at Bilibili: 左迁至蓝关示侄孙湘 An annoying paper to the emperor inRead More…