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Chinese poem illustration/ 渡汉江/宋之问 Approaching hometown

Hits: 0Chinese poem illustration: 渡汉江 Crossing the Han River by Song Zhiwen One of the famous poet in early Tang period, key contributor to the final rules of Eight Line poem(律诗), TheRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 遣怀/杜牧 Sorrow for the days and nights in Yang Zhou

Hits: 16Chinese poem illustration: 遣怀 Removed of feeling and thought by Du Mu A wrap up of his work and life in Yang Zhou, between the age of 30 to 40, bestRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 绝句其三/杜甫 Birds, snow mountains, Wu’s boats make Chengdu a great city

Hits: 25Chinese poem illustration:绝句其三 Two yellow oriole… One of the few poems for pre-school kids in China , taught again in grade 9th, high-school. The poem was a easy poem for kids,Read More…