1. 每天的访问量至少有1000个访问者(Unique IP)
  2. 至少提供1000个产品
  3. 年销售额至少达300万人民币
  4. 由公司自行管理或控制数据库
  5. 中文或多语种
  6. 采用开源电子商城软件
  7. 提供项目负责人一人,同时也是是Guidyu项目小组成员。他/她应该非常了解公司的电子商务模式和日常运作,并具备相关的网络和电子商务的基本知识。


免费的Guidyu CEM软件产品,同时负责安装和集成。对贵公司而言,是一个交钥匙工程。一旦采用该解决方案,客户的在线购物体验将被极大地改善,转换率得到大幅提升。


GUIDYU Inc.是一家在客户体验管理(CEM)领域提供软件技术的高科技公司,技术的先驱者和世界一流的客户体验管理平台提供商。

目前Guidyu尝试进入中小型电子商务企业的市场,将Guidyu CEM先进的理念和技术从传统的大型网站变成简易的廉价的适合中小型企业的产品—Guidyu CEM Lite。




产品介绍: 点击PDF文件

电话:+86 10 83915108 分机 615 周一至周五, 早9:30-18:00   联系人:徐小姐


We are recruit 2 candidates

established e-commerce company who want to improve their overall customer experience and therefor the KPI as well. The candidates should be qualified as below

  1. Min. 1000 unique visitors per day
  2. Min. 1000 products
  3. Min. 3M yearly revenue (RMB)
  4. Data is managed by yourself
  5. Single or Multi-Language
  6. Use a standard open-source e-shop software
  7. A focal point to be part of the Guidyu project team. He/She should well understand your e-business model and daily operation, together with fundament knowledge of web and e-commerce

What we provide

Free of Charge products, implementation and customization of Guidyu CEM software. For you, it is a turnkey solution which can greatly improve your customer online shopping experience together with your turn over.

Who are we

Guidyu is a leading CEM solution provider across China, North America and Europe. Now we are penatrating SME market , let SME could enjoy a low cost but still sophisticated Guidyu CEM Lite solution.

contact: Mrs. Xu  010 83915108 x 615,  Mon-Fri, 9:30AM- 6:00PM

for our solutions, pls. refer click the PDF in the post.

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