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Chinese poem illustration: 乌衣巷/ Wuyi Side Street by Liu Yuxi


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 乌衣巷

A side street in Nanjing city still today, a snapshot to the past dynasty. Nanjing city is a very special place, it is always the capital of southern dynasty when China splits into several countries, conquered and merged back to northern dynasty finally every time. The most recent case is ROC merged back to PRC.

This poem is a very famous Poetry of History(咏史诗), appears as a simple beautiful poem of sentimental views. The key to decipher this poem is the background of Nanjing city and history.

Correction: Xuanwu(玄武) refers to the direction of north, its image is a half turtle half snake creature in Chinese myth. In the video, 玄武(xuan2wu3) is wrongly explained as tiger.



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