Chinese poem illustration: 易水歌 Song of Yi River by Anonymous


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This video is a salute and memorial to Mr. Jin Yong, the greatest writer of Kung Fu novels, in Chinese: 武侠小说. 武 refers to Kung Fu, 侠 refers a personality, a type of person. 侠, could be translated as HERO, but it is far more than a HERO, or far less than a HERO, it has so many aspects and such a long history since the beginning of Chinese civilization.

This song for Jing Ke(荆轲) was written 2200 years ago, his name is almost the alternative name of 侠. He is famous for his failed assassin to the First Emperor(秦始皇), this song is a farewell song to his one way trip to meet and kill the First Emperor.

易水歌 / 渡易水歌


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