Chinese poem illustration: 江城子·乙卯正月二十日夜记梦 River Town · Write down the Dream of January 20th Night by Su Shi


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 江城子 乙卯正月二十日夜记梦

A famous poem/Song Ci(宋词) by Su Shi(苏轼 or 苏东坡)to commemorate his wife who passed away 10 years ago.

Commemorating Poetry(悼亡诗) is a type of Chinese poem, this one belongs to the short list of the kind, recited generation after generation. The very typical images among these type poetry like moon, mount which is alternative name of tomb, the distance by space and time, the recall of old sweet memories were all perfectly blended and softly touched.

There is a pop song so called Ten Years(十年), Which I believed had borrowed a lot from this poem.

江城子 乙卯正月二十日夜记梦



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