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Chinese poem illustration: 关山月 Fortress Mountain Moon by Li Bai


YouTube above not applicable? watch full video here: 关山月

The best one among Li Bai’s few Frontier and Fortress poetry(边塞诗). The moon comes up above the Sky Mountains(明月出天山) is one of the many visions built into a Chinese mind by Li Bai through his unique wording, strong character and the exceptional long-sighted vision.

This poem starting with the view of the vast, unique landscape featured with fortress, gobi desert, endless snow mountains and moon, where is also the battle fields through the history.

In very few occasion, Li Bai wrote about the average people and average family, their feelings, their sadness of broken family. Once he wrote it, his wording becomes classic.

One of the key words 色 or 邑 was discussed, where 邑 is normally considered as a better choice.



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