Chinese poem illustration: 山居秋暝/ An Autumn dusk at the Mountain Villa by Wang Wei


Full video also available at Bilibili: 山居秋暝

A mountain river and farming field poem(山水田园诗) by Wang Wei, it not only vividly depicted sounds, but bring you to the real situation by depicting a series sounds in sequence, which make it a story of sounds. It is quite normal situation when filming a movie today: you only hear the sounds with no one shows up, while Wang Wei created this effect only with words.

fisherman, woodcutter, farmer and student(渔樵耕读) is the typical hermit life in ancient China, no wonder the country life covered is about fisherman, it also implies that Wang Wei is among them. In other poems of Wang Wei, woodcutters and farmers were often seen as well.(example:偶然值林叟, 田夫荷锄至).




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