Chinese poem illustration: 宣州谢眺楼饯别校书叔云/ Farewell Dinner for Uncle Li Yun at Xie Tiao High Rise in Xuanzhou City by Li Bai

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At the Xie Tiao Building (谢朓楼) with his uncle, in his fifties, Li Bai wrote this lyric poem , inspired by the view on the high rise building , by the name of the building, Xie Tiao, who is Li Bai’s most admired poet , of course by wine as well.

After 10 years of abandonment by the emperor, We can feel the changes of Li Bai from this poem. He started to comfort himself , he wants to forget his life long pursuit and get lost.

All the changes is quite natural, no matter how ambitious, talented and outstanding he was. The difference of Li Bai or the differences Li Bai made, is his creativity on many wordings, visions, spirits, which are imprinted in a chinese heart. Remember it and feel it : The date of yesterday(昨日之日), The date of today(今日之日), Strike sword to stop the rushing water(抽刀断水), a toast to destroy the worry and sadness(举杯消愁)





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