Chinese poem illustration:清明/ Qingming by Du Mu

YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 清明

The famous poem Qingming could be a fake poem, like some other Song dynasty poems found out lately, it could be written by a Song dynasty person under the name of a famous Tang poet.

In fact , nobody cares too much about it is a true Du Mu poem or not, as it become the typical image in a Chinese mind when QingMing festival comes, like a few famous and popular poems, became the building block of the literature heritage as well as everyday vocabulary.

It is a straightforward and simple poem depicting a moment when poet wandering around countryside.The origin of Qingming festival is explored as well. The cowboy is very likely an allusion to a story in Zhuangzi, in which the cowboy guided Yellow emperor(黄帝), thus the cowboy is considered with great wisdom.



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