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Chinese poem illustration 题都城南庄 On South Villa’s Wall of Chang’an by Cui Hu

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Most Chinese may not know the name of 崔护, but his words :人面桃花(The outlooking and peach flower) is definitely in everyone’s written and oral language daily. This poem of 崔护(Cui1Hu4, the poet name) is of his own story, could easily arouse the touchable feeling of a common person: the appearance of a beauty and the life change over of every one.

The classic imaging of peach and peach flower in a Chinese mind is traced down to Book of Songs 桃夭, why peach was selected to resemble the Chinese family value.

The poem, 题都城南庄, somewhat changes the imaging of peach/peach flower after Tang dynasty, more focused on female’s appearance and erotic matter, rather than family value , which is marriage and procreation.

This poem could be the only popular Tang poem that have redundant words , the true feeling of the poet and common feeling could be aroused to a reader, make this defects as a unique feature.



I visited the place of this poem during the spring festival, and here is the pictures I took at site.

Looking south mountain
River bed

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