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Chinese poem illustration/大雅 韩奕/佚名 Wonder land

Hits: 0Chinese poem illustration: 大雅 韩奕/ Daya – Han State is Huge by Anonymous Full video also available at Bilibili: 大雅 韩奕 The land of Han state(韩国) is fertile and strategic sinceRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/大雅 板/佚名 Troubled land

Hits: 0Chinese poem illustration: 大雅 卷阿/ Daya – Turmoil by Anonymous Daya(大雅) also has blaming poems like this. By this poem and Daya Swing(大雅 荡), the word of 板荡 was created laterRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/小雅 小旻/佚名 Frightened and Shaking

Hits: 0Chinese poem illustration: 小雅 小旻/ Xiaoya – A Bit Mercy by Anonymous Another blaming poem written at the end of West Zhou(西周) in the sub-chapter of Ten Poems of Jienanshan(sigh forRead More…