Read a classic Chinese poem 1000 years ago , know about the changes of Chinese New Year. 读一首古诗, 了解中国新年的变迁.

Chinese poem illustration: 元日 New Year’s Day by Wang Anshi


Youtube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 元日

New Year’s Day(元日) is a poem celebrating new year , the most happy and lucky day in a year. The way of classic Chinese poem is of 故哀乐之心感,而歌咏之声发, which means the reason or root cause of writing a poem, is because of feeling huge sadness or happiness, thus poem was written. While there are not much classic poems about happy days.

All in all, this poem could be the most recited poem in Spring Festival, even all the political hints it had is not known by today’s people , It is taken as a simple poem describing the very typical Chinese new year’s day , a vivid picture and old memory for Chinese today.



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