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让我试着翻译下面文字中的两句:那些我们随意的,有时带着恶意的话语是有力量的,跟武器一般。作为一个群体,我们需要开始承担这个责任:在这个新闻似闪电而情绪则以更快的速度传播的世界里,纷争应该被自由的表达而不是指指点点;求新和奋进并不能成为丑陋和诽谤的借口。 我们必须守望自我的言辞,我们必须在慢慢长路中帮助彼此沟通。



We need to recognize that words mean something, and those that are thrown casually or viciously carry the same force as weapons. As a community, we must begin to own that responsibility, to make it clear that disagreement can be expressed without name calling, that fighting for innovation and progress does not excuse ugliness and slander, that we live in a world where news travels fast and emotions faster. We need to own our words, and we need to help each other to understand when we go too far.

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