Quora is not a place for sharing, but rather a place of finger pointing and bias. Let it be. I wont be part of it anymore.

I am native Chinese. The English version Chinese news is still very mild and a bit suspective, in 90% of the time, it looks a ok media and just make fake news not more than 10%. While the negative feeling has been rooted deedly without your consciousness. Once a real negative news of China came up, everyone would have the feeling : I knew it, everybody knew it. When they fake a news, people would think China a demon.

In fact, It is far far from the real situation. My experience is based on my observation on average Chinese: the more the man looks knowlegable, the more he beleives in the west media and have more negative feelings on gov. the working labor and peasants, most of them are positive towards the gov because they feel a substancial improvement on their living. Positive is not satisfaction, so they do critisise gov from time to time, but you definely read out they are positive towards gov.

An example on how the Chinese read between the lines: the famouse Wuhan Diary is so discusting to majoity of Chinese, I should say at least 90% of Chinese, none of my aquantence do not critisie it: not because the dairy cristicise the gov, everybody does it, the problem of it is: You feel so liitle bit mercy from she/writer but far overwhemed with critisize, which based on so many fake rumors and wild guess. If the writer really cares about lives, she should be very serious with those rumors and try to identify them, it is a matter of life and death, right? But she just made it public without any check up.

She is a professional writer in her 60s, while her story is so mean even not as mature as a teenages. The critisize or suggestions should be siutable for the circumstances, for Wuhan, how to improve hostpital, city infrustructure and service to save life, how to elimit those disturbing and toxic romors, express condolence etc, while her main purpose is to critisize gov based on many fake rumors.

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