the HK Democrap is so obviously ridiculous, while the stupid HK people just can not tell it. No matter what political system it is, the purpose is to listen to the poeple, secure the people and city, enrich their life. The HK Democrap means to voilate every aspects listed, just to thrown over current political system.

The current political system is a British crap for colonism which need a huge revision, while the HK Democrap doesnt realised a tiny bit of this need, their purpose is to overthrow but have no idea what is for, what is after. if the Democrap made it, HK would be Ucrane, even worse of it: USA is heavy funding HK protestors always.

On the contrary, Chinese/mailander used to believe HK people is more advanced and smart, they know far better of law. So let themself to revise their current system might not a bad idea untill they failed everything, even agaist such a generous mother land, what a shame and stupid…

Their is no other case in the world when the colonism was over, land reclaimed, everything was kept untouched as used to be, allow decades of time to give the locals a chance to realise and revise the local laws themselvies.

This remind me something from Kipling(not the original sentence): if you give someone something for free, they would be you dead enemy finally.

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