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Chinese poem illustration/ 琵琶行 part1-3/白居易 Encounter Pipa lute in remote country

Hits: 2Chinese poem illustration: 琵琶行 Song of Pipa by Bai Juyi Part 1: The background and the prelude of this poem. Part 2: The first and second paragraph of the poem. Part3:Read More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 和梦得夏至忆苏州呈卢宾客/白居易 Memory in the longest day

Hits: 5Chinese poem illustration: 和梦得夏至忆苏州呈卢宾客 Reply to Meng De’s Poem Titled as a Recall to Suzhou City for Mr. Lu in Summer Solstice Day by Bai Juyi YouTube above not applicable? watchRead More…


Chinese poem illustration/ 定风波/苏轼 Settle down with a beauty, reunion with a friend

Hits: 29Chinese poem illustration: 定风波·南海归赠王定国侍人寓娘 Reunion with best friend after life and death YouTube above not applicable? watch full video at Bilibili: 定风波 南海归赠王定国侍人寓娘 A poem wrote to his concubine rather thanRead More…